COVID Billionaire, David Murathe’s Son Living like a King

Former Gatanga Constituency Member of Parliament, David Murathe’s son is enjoying life with a big spoon. His name is Davidnson Wakairu Gatuhi, and he is only 29 years old. He attracted attention recently when he threw a Hawaii-themed birthday party in Watamu.

Being David Murathe’s son comes along with a lot of advantages. The Jubilee Alliance Party vice chair featured heavily in the COVID-19 billionaires’ scandal. Being close to President Uhuru Kenyatta has propelled him into billionaire status.

That is why his son rolls around town with a police escort. The guy recently posted a short video on his IG stories being escorted by the police to the airport. What is funny is that a police officer carried his luggage to the airport departure section.

Murathe is not even a cabinet secretary in the current regime. But his son is receiving special treatment. The outspoken politician was almost bankrupt before Uhuru Kenyatta came to power in 2013. He is now rolling in cash.

David Murathe was accused of getting 10% kickbacks from the Chinese contracts with the Government of Kenya. As a result, he is more powerful than some senior government officials.

Murathe’s son has a taste for fine things

Davidson Wakairu has a taste for fine things in life. He used to date Linda Ndiritu, a popular model based in Nairobi. The guy used to treat her by taking her to expensive destinations around Kenya.

But hawk-eyed Kenyans have noted that he is now dating another model called Bernice Nunah. He shared some videos and photos on his IG stories balling with the lady. Davidson tags Bernice around to holiday destinations accompanied with a photographer for memorable experiences.

Away from being David Murathe’s son, Davidson works for a Non-Governmental Organization called ‘Vijana Amkeni Youth Organization’. This is a youth-led civic education organization, which aims at empowering the youth in Kenya and around the world.

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