Corazon Kwamboka Breaking Up With Frankie Just Gym It?

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie alias ‘Frankie Just Gym It’ make one of the most followed couples in Kenya. The two lovebirds went public about their relationship last year. They then announced that they were pregnant and before Kenyans could digest the news, Baby Taiyari was born.

Frankie and Corazon have been serving Kenyans with serious couple goals since then. They recently revealed that they are expecting their second child. The 28-year-old advocate of the High Court of Kenya is heavily pregnant.

It looks like all is not well with the couple even after Frankie proposed recently with a gorgeous diamond ring. Corazon Kwamboka has been sharing subtle hints on her IG stories. Some of her posts are quite telling.

In one post, she claims she feels alone and very sad. She craves happiness again. It could just be the pregnancy hormones. Some of her fans think she is probably crying. She will laugh about it later.

Have a look at screenshots of Corazon Kwamboka’s IG stories that Edgar Obare posted on his back up IG page BNN (swipe left);

But it could also be character development in progress. Frankie moved on swiftly with her after dumping Maureen Waititu with whom he sired two boys. There is no day a hyena will become a goat, or so they say.

In another post, she hinted at being playing by a loved one. But when we look back at Frankie’s recent proposal in Zanzibar, the two look inseparable. Netizens are however allowed to overthink because anything is possible.


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Before Corazon conceived her first child, she had been battling endometriosis. That is why she always says that her 1-year-old boy, Taiyari was a miracle.

Pregnancy comes along with many emotions. When some women are pregnant, nothing feels enough. They experience serious mood swings. They will feel sad most of the times and anything small triggers their tears.

Everything just gets to them turning into a rollercoaster journey of emotions. Let us hope all is okay in Corazon Kwamboka and Frank Kiarie’s paradise.

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