Clerics Gift To Raila Odinga At JivanJee Gardens Causes Panic In Kenya Kwanza

Clerics from various denominations led Azimio leaders and supporters to pray for Kenya and IEBS.

The mid-morning prayer session comes at a time when Kenya is grappling with the high cost of living and draught.

The opposition has been pushing the government to fulfill their campaign pledges and alleviate their pain.

The clerics called for peace and asked Kenyans to join hands and demand for better service from the government.

They gave the opposition leader soil, which means authority to rule.

This means that they have given him their blessing to take over power from William Ruto.

It is not clear how he intends to take power from Ruto outside the democratic process of elections.

Various obstacles have met his quest to lead the country and, sadly, age is also catching up with him.

Raila Odinga has been agitating for electoral justice and feels that Ruto and his allies in the government stole elections.

According to the opposition brigade, a whistle blower inside IEBC gave them irrefutable evidence showing a clear win for Raila Odinga.

The Return of Mass Action

In his speech after the prayer meeting led by the clerics, Raila gave the government an ultimatum of two weeks.

He has asked the government to lower the cost of living in two weeks or else he will order for mass action.

It will be interesting to see whether the government will heed to his call or ignore his calls as mere bluff.

If Raila Odinga goes ahead with mass action, then the nation is at risk of being unstable from lootings and police brutality meted by opposition supporters.

The president has been adamant that he has a plan to turn around the current situation Kenya is facing.

Most Kenyans feel that he is not doing enough to cushion them.

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