City Man Runs for His Dear Life after Finding This in His Girlfriend’s House

A Nairobi City man was forced to run for his dear life after he found something unusual outside his girlfriend’s house. This incident happened in the notorious Eastlands neighborhood.

The City man visited the house on a quiet Sunday afternoon, only to find police shoes outside the door. The jungle shoes were placed alongside those of his girlfriend.

He has been paying rent for that house for over four years. But he could not risk inquiring what a police officer was doing inside the house. Instead, he ran for safety.

Crimes of passion have been on the rise in Kenya. So many young people (both men and women) have seen their early graves because of love triangles.

That is why the man who is a shopkeeper in the nearby plot chose peace instead of confrontation. He values his life, and he does not wish to die early.

Kenyans know very well that police officers can do anything for love. And they have the power of the gun.


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“I have been paying rent for my girlfriend since 2017 but it is okay. Money is nothing compared to my precious life. Let her try life with the police officer if it serves her well,” said the city man to curious neighbors.

The City man should not have jumped into conclusions

He had to address neighbors who wondered why he was running so fast. Maybe he judged too fast. One wonders why it did not cross his mind that it could have been a policewoman. Policewomen wear boots too. The guy might have lost a good woman because of speculation.

There is another possibility that it was just a relative visiting the lady. It could have been an uncle, cousin or ‘a friend to a relative’. But he could not risk digging for the truth.

He should have confirmed if it was her relative who had visited. Anyway, choosing peace is always a wise decision. As a Kisii saying goes, ‘the coward always lives’.

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