Chuka High School On The Spot After Principal Tortures And Expels A Student For Doing This

Chuka High School is one of the most established schools in Tharaka Nithi County. It is an extra county school that performs relatively well in KCSE exams. A parent of a Form Two boy in the same school has come out to expose the rot that has been allegedly going on in the school for some time now.

According to the anonymous parent that sent a message to popular blogger Robert Alai on his Facebook account, her nephew has been expelled from the school after being severely tortured by the principal and his deputy.

Apparently, a nephew to the principal had spied on the boy for being a suspect of drug abuse. On being interrogated, he denied the allegations leveled against him. That is when the two administrators decided to administer torture on the boy.

“I am writing this with a lot of bitterness after my nephew was assaulted, injured and expelled from the school by the principal and his deputy principal in charge of discipline by the name Mr Muriuki. A nephew to the principal had alleged that he was suspected to be taking drugs. After he was secretly reported, he was then tortured to admit which he did not. The principal and the deputy went to the extent of removing his pair of trousers in order to torture him even more. We have a medical report and a p3 which indicates that he had many bruises at his back and buttocks. Sadly, one of his testicles was also injured during that torture,” wrote the parent in part.

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The boy was even subjected to a drug test in a laboratory called ‘Elewa Ulevi’ and the result turned out negative meaning he was not using any drugs. But the school still went ahead and expelled him. He is now too physically, mentally and socially traumatized to go back to the same school.

The parent in question has vowed to press charges against the learning institution. It turns out that that is not an isolated case because many other boys have been tortured and expelled the same way. They are set to be enjoined in the same case when the lady that contacted Alai goes to court.

Here are screenshots of Alai’s Facebook post highlighting the case;

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