Christina Shusho Speaks Out After Allegations Of Drinking Alcohol

Christina Shusho is a well-known Tanzanian gospel singer with unrivaled vocal abilities.

People are more likely to judge those who serve the Lord.

Because of their songs, gospel performers are victims of circumstance.

They forget that even if a person is not saved, he can sing songs of praise to the Lord.

Most people in East Africa see Christina Shusho as a holy woman because of the songs she sings.

They forget that she could be living off of that and nothing else.

She generated some controversy in the past when she divorced her spouse.

This is after she began to make money and built her own church.

She wanted it all for herself, so she dumped him and declared herself single, causing controversy .

Her actions cast doubt on her devotion as a lady of God.

Her fans compelled her to explain herself last night when she was seen drinking a cocktail.

Tanzanian bloggers mistook it for beer and Many people found it humorous, while others were perplexed.

It surprised most people how a rescued lady could consume wine in public.

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However, it turned out to be a simple misunderstanding, as it turned out to be a soft drink packaged in a similar bottle.

She shared a photo of the drink on social media, demonstrating to her followers that she is not a hypocrite.

She expressed her deep affection for them and thanked them for their care.

Christina went on to say that she was preaching the gospel in a Congolese church and that her supporters should not miss today’s service.

Perhaps she made the post in response to her fans’ concerns.

Some of her most well-known songs are:‘Bwana Umenichunguza’, ‘Mtetezi Wangu’, ‘Nampenda’ and ‘Unikumbuke’.

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