Chris Obure: “It Was Mudavadi Who Initiated Ksh1.3bn Anglo Leasing Scandal”

Chris Obure: "It Was Mudavadi Who Initiated Ksh1.3bn Anglo Leasing Scandal"

Chris Obure is the current Cas in the ministry of transport. He is a former finance minister who held several positions in the Moi and Kibaki administrations.

After being indicted by investigators, the former minister is now facing corruption accusations in an anti-corruption court.

Anglo-leasing was a multibillion-dollar scam that rocked the Kibaki administration. The scheme referenced several ministers.

Musalia Mudavadi, according to Chris Obure, is the one who called and told him to start the deals.

Chris Obure, in his defense, testified that Mudavadi took part in one of the Anglo leasing deals.

Associated with the buying of equipment for the Kenya Posta Corporation.

He stated that Mr. Mudavadi wrote to him on May 9, 2002, requesting direct acquisition of equipment to upgrade the country’s postal services.

“In the letter, Mudavadi assured me that the government intended to modernize the Postal Corporation of Kenya,”

Obure told senior principal magistrate Anne Mwangi.

Mudavadi, a presidential candidate in the 2022 elections, was the vice president and minister of Transport and communication.

At the time of the accords, Chris Obure was Finance Minister under President Daniel Moi.

They relate the case to one of the Anglo Leasing scams, in which they gave 18 high-value government security contracts to bogus businesses.

As a result, the Kenyan government lost billions of shillings in public cash.


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Deepak Kamani, a business owner, and other former prominent government officials are on trial in connection with the scandal, which broke in April 2004.

On a single-sourcing basis, the Kenyan government signed a contract agreement worth $11,787,000 with a US-based company, Spacenet Corporation (about Sh1,301,284,800).

The deal was for the supply of PCK-acquired equipment and services.

VSAT hardware, computer servers, software licenses, and other communication services were the names given to the equipment.

According to Chris Obure, Mudavadi requested his authorization to use direct possession of the equipment from the US corporation.

The Us corporation was to deliver the equipment needed to connect over 900 post offices in Kenya.

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