Chief Justice Martha Koome Tells Off Willy Mutunga For His Unreasonable Call

Chief Justice Martha Koome Tells Off Will Mutunga For His Unreasonable Call

Chief Justice Martha Koome has been working extremely hard to fit in the shoes of her predecessors.

She took over from Justice Maraga as the first female Chief Justice in the Republic of Kenya.

Chief Justice Martha Koome took over from the retired Maraga, who had found it very difficult to execute his mandate.

Maraga accused the president and the executive of failing to honor court orders frequently.

Maraga even recommended the president dissolve parliament on the account that they failed to implement the 2/3 gender rule.

Justice Martha Koome has been trying to mend the relationship between the judiciary and the executive.

This is in order to persuade the executive to honor court orders and to support the judiciary on all fronts.

The executive arm of government feels that the judiciary is not supportive in helping them roll out their agenda.

The Judiciary has frustrated the government by ruling against them in almost every case presented before them.

They have ruled against the Huduma number, building bridges initiative, several graft cases against politicians, very many other cases.

They have done so to an extent that it looks like they are doing so to punish the government and show their might.


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This is a dangerous president and Martha Koome has been trying to bring sanity and cooperation between the two arms of government.

Retired chief justice Willy Mutunga has been vocal to call out the executive for not obeying court orders.

He even threatened to go to Canada to escort Miguna Miguna to Kenya after the government denied him entry despite several court orders.

Willy Mutunga this week continued his onslaught against the executive arm of government by calling on judges to down their tools.

This forces the government to give in to their demands. While it is within his rights to express his opinion, it is dangerous to do so.

This is because it is like suspending one arm of government, which means throwing away the rule of law.

The judiciary is the custodians of the constitution and going on strike means denying Kenyans a critical service that doesn’t ogre well.

Justice Martha Koome has this afternoon told Willy Mutunga off for calling on judges to strike.

This is because he thwarted a similar threat when he was the chief justice. One wonders if he wants Martha to fail.

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