Check Out The Amount Of Money Erick Omondi Pays His Photographer To Make Him Look Muscular

Erick Omondi is a versatile comedian who has managed to remain on top of his game for a very long time thanks to his hard work and talent.

He has crafted his comedy and tailored it in many cultural, religious and social aspect. This is why he is able to appeal to many people across the world.

Erick has mastered the showbiz industry and he is in front of the queue ahead of other comedians when it comings to making money from sponsorship deals and gigs .

Many people slipped into depression when COVID 19 set in because they solely depended on Churchill show but Erick remained relevant and creative throughout.

His creativity and aggressiveness to succeed has landed him another lucrative deal to popularize Jimmy Wanjigi’s political aspirations.

Eric Omondi’s breathtaking images following his physique transformation months ago after a hard work-out frenzy are likely familiar to you. After realizing that he was reverting to his prior lean physique, the comedian began his epic gym workouts.

” I fix his abs and muscles of the chest . It is all art and photography. We can make you look like anything even Diamond does that but be prepared to cough up more than 100k”.

Eric Omondi was broke and looking for work when Kapedo met him. He used to be a poet in Churchill Raw, but after COVID-19, he struggled. He texted a number of celebs, but his attempts came to a halt. Only Eric Omondi responded, and he has been working with him for some time.

” I wrote many texts to various individuals Erick Omondi was the only person that responded. Eric told me that he had a project about mental health… I did his initial photos and he liked them. I have been the one doing his photos since then”.


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