CCTV Footage Diani: Buruburu Girls Teacher Killed By His Friends And Thrown In The Swimming Pool

CCTV footage is a very important pillar in the security of any individual in various institutions and premises.

Buruburu girls’ highschool continue to make headlines for the wrong reasons.

It is less than a week when the girls torched their school and they only came back to school after a brief break.

Another tragedy has happened in the school and this time round is one of their teachers.

They slew a popular mathematics and chemistry teacher at the college in Mombasa this afternoon, according to reports.

Nelson Otsianda had been reported to have drowned in a pool at the hotel where he was staying in Mombasa while on vacation.

However, detectives realised after additional inquiry and inspection of CCTV footage.

Mr. Nelson Otsianda was in the presence of three other people he knew.
When he died, he was in Diani, Mombasa county with the trio for a weekend trip.

CCTV footage from the hotel showed him getting into an argument with the trio.

This escalated into a fight in which they beat him up and tossed him into the pool, where he died.

“Let them come to us or the investigating officer,” Diani’s OCPD, Daniel Nasio, said of the incident.

“As for now, if there are suspicions they killed him and then threw his body into the swimming pool.

We shall take that lead, and we shall investigate it, and if anyone is culpable, then we shall arrest them.”

Terrence Creative Breaks Kenyan Ribs With His Funny Swimming Pool Challenge

Terrence Creative has been enlightening ‘netizens’ on how people get defrauded through get rich quick schemes.

These scheme popularly called “wash wash”. He does these episodes online through his official channel.

Terence Creative’s real name is Lawrence Macharia. After the “wash wash” episodes, the witty comedian has left Kenyans talking.

This is after posting a swimming pool challenge that he and his wife Milly Chebby successfully completed.


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