CBC to Be Challenged in Court By Lawyer Nelson Havi

Nelson Havi, President of the Law Society of Kenya, has vowed to fight the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). The system has hit several snags since its commencement in 2019.

Havi announced in a Twitter statement that he will bring a petition next week. He stated that education in Kenya should not be expensive, inefficient, or useless.

His determination came after a group of parents raised an alarm by accusing schools of forcing them to buy pricey books and giving them assignments that required money.

“We have heard your cries as parents, guardians, and teachers. I will file the petition to challenge CBC in court this coming week.”

“Kenya’s education system, like our leadership, should not be an expensive, inefficient, and unsuccessful experiment with our children and their future,” Nelson Havi remarked.

KNUT Opposed the system

The media have quoted Wilson Sossion, the former Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) several times as saying that CBC is a dishonest system that threatens to undo the country’s educational progress.

Sossion claimed the curriculum was being administered unprofessionally. That is why teachers were finding it difficult to adjust because of a lack of training, for instance.

He said that the new CBC education system was an extortion plot. As a result, has drained parents’ money by pushing them to gain unneeded learning materials.

“The government must recognize that they have failed the education system,” Sossion added. “This is because on the ground teachers are unhappy and pressured. The system requires parents to buy a lot of learning materials.”

They hurried the CBC system

Other parties have stated that the CBC concept is not horrible, only that the government hurried it.

Prof Charles Ong’ondo, director of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), clarified the system’s encouragement of innovations, originality, imagination, and creativity in carrying out responsibilities at a news conference last week.

The curriculum, according to the officials, bridges the gap between the worlds of school and the labor market.

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