Caroline Kangogo Is Dead

Caroline Kangogo was found dead at her rural home in Elgeyo Marakwet County. Her lifeless body was in a pool of blood with a bullet wound on her head and a pistol was recovered from the scene.

This is according to the Rift valley regional commander, George Natembeya. The Nakuru-based police officer has been on the run from the authorities for almost2weeks after killing two of her colleagues in cold blood.

The motive of her killings has yet to be established but earlier investigation breakthroughs had indicated that it was a case of love gone sour. The mother of two is said to be a fun-loving woman who was a call girl outside her duties as a police officer. She was married to a senior police officer based in Mombasa’s Maritime police station.

Her husband has kept a low profile since the news broke that Caroline had gone rogue and was targeting men in her killing spree. The nature of her relationship is yet to be established especially after it was discovered that she was openly cheating on him.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Caroline was about to surrender to the police after the law society of Kenya hired the legal service of senior counsel Dr. John Khaminwa to represent her.

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Khaminwa filed a case in court to bar the police from arresting her when she surrenders. The case is yet to be determined. Detectives had earlier indicated that Caroline’s killings were beyond the crime of passion. She was said to be involved in a criminal syndicate operating in the Rift valley.

They believed that the two men would have been killed for deals that went bad. For that reason, detectives felt that Caroline’s life was in danger because her cover was blown and her gang could target her to keep the corporal from spilling the beans when the police apprehend her.

Her death remains to be suicide until proven otherwise. Postmortem will be conducted to ascertain that but it could be she was not mentally stable and she decided to end her life than face prison.

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