Bungoma woman Plants A Kiss ON Raila Odinga Sparking Wild Reactions

Bungoma woman sparked wild reactions from Kenyans when they photographed her planting a kiss on Raila Odinga.

She did it in Bungoma town when the former prime minister Raila Odinga visited the region after attending a funeral.

It elated the Bungoma woman to see her favorite politician visit the town after months of absence from the political arena.

The Bungoma woman was not lucky to do it on him physically but actually did it on his photo mounted on one of his campaign vehicles.

She showed her true love for the veteran politician and would not hide it. A section of Kenyans castigated her for worshipping a mere politician.

But the enthusiasm displayed by the Bungoma woman wowed a majority of Kenyans.

Raila Odinga will look to try his luck for the fifth time to succeed president Uhuru Kenyatta and take the reins of governing Kenya.

He is, however, facing a strong competition from the current deputy president of Kenya, William Ruto .

Ruto has invaded his strongholds with his hustler narrative. Else where, deputy president William Ruto has slammed Raila Odinga.

He feels that the former premier is pretending to be championing for the rights and wellbeing of Kenyans.

This is regarding the failed BBI, which Raila aggressively campaigned for.

This concerns Ruto that Raila keeps on blackmailing Kenyans with his empty rhetoric.

Ruto challenged president Uhuru and Raila Odinga to take those intended reforms to parliament.

Some reforms include additional constituencies and increased resources for counties .

According to Ruto, Raila Odinga has no agenda for Kenyans and should retire from politics for good.

Ruto was speaking in Ngata, Nakuru subcounty which hosted him together with the area senator, Susan Kihika .


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