Broken Promises? Hang dogged Bahati On The Defensive After A 2015 Video Emerges

Kevin Bahati was once the most adored gospel artist in Kenya. The’ mtoto wa mama’ hitmaker endeared himself to many Kenyans after it emerged that he beat all odds to succeed in his music career despite growing in an orphanage home.

Bahati started courting controversy when he married a model called Diana whose ways were not known to be Godly. The beautiful lady even confessed to having dated many men and even cohabited with them before he met this naïve and God-fearing boy.

That is now water under the bridge because the couple has grown to greater heights having sired two beautiful kids together and business-wise they are doing fantastic because they are now a huge brand. The couple has various endorsement deals and Bahati keeps on releasing hit after hit.

They seem to be a match that was made in heaven given what Kevin has achieved since he met Diana. They seem to be happy together and the chemistry between them is unrivaled. Being a celebrity comes with various challenges and it is very difficult to please everyone.

Bahati has since ditched gospel music and he is doing the exact opposite of what people used to think about him. His earthly ways contradict what he believes. He is now realizing secular hits with skimpily dressed video vixens.

A video has however emerged from 2015 during groove awards that show an emotional Bahati promising God in front of all the guests that attended that function that he will never abandon God. We all know that he has stopped praising him and he decided to choose money over the man that brought him to the world of fame.

Busted and hang dogged, Bahati was quick to defend himself that only God knows that he has not changed from what he promised him that night.

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