Bongo Singer Lava-Lava Humiliated Live On TV For Trying This On Lulu Diva

Bongo musicians have dominated East Africa with their lyrical and poetic Swahili songs that are too sweet for the ears. Kenyans resonate well with the music and that is why Tanzanian songs are ruling our airwaves.

Kenyan artists have cried foul over the years because Kenyans seem to support Tanzanians more than them and that has been a major hindrance to develop Kenyan Music and bring rewards to them that can in the long-term inspire more upcoming artists to work hard in order to succeed like their counterparts.

Diamond and other Bongo musicians like King Kiba have made it in life thanks to the support people from Tanzania and East Africa are giving them. Kenyans accuse Tanzanians of only supporting Bongo music and their style. They sing about love and women, maybe that is why most people relate to what they sing about.

Lava -Lava is a Tanzanian musician signed to Wasafi records that is owned by Diamond Platinumz. The record label is well known for producing hits and some of the biggest and most talented musicians are signed in Wasafi.

Some of the superstars that have worked in Wasafi include Rayvanny, Harmonize, Zuchu, and Mbosso. Being a celebrity comes with consequences because of the scrutiny that comes your way. Lava -Lava is a superstar and naturally women throw themselves into your way because of your celebrity status and if you are driven by infatuation and too much desire, you will end up breaking your relationship for more desirable women.

Most celebrities have broken their families because of infidelity and that is the downside of being a celebrity especially to the family members and friends who feel unappreciated when one becomes famous and class changes, they tend to surround themselves in a new circle of friends that befits his new status.

Tanzanians are the most romantic men in East Africa and this was further affirmed by Lava Lava when he surprised his girlfriend at Wasafi studios with a bouquet of red roses to apologize for hurting her.

Lava -Lava went down on his knees in front of everyone to say sorry to his bae Lulu Diva but she boldly rejected him and threw away his flowers to the shock of those that were in the studio that found that gesture to be romantic.

The host of the interview tried to persuade her to forgive him but the lady left him kneeling and awkwardly crying like a baby. He was consoled by the staff members and his crew but men find this move belittling and offensive to the male gender. They castigated him on social media for being a disgrace and a letdown to the boy child.

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