Big Blow To Slay Queens And Side Chics After Uhuru’s Latest Move

Slay Queens and side chics will no longer surprise the kin of a man who has died. The law does not allow side chics to take part in burying them.

President Uhuru, signing the bill into law is a big win for men and an enormous relief to wives of dead men..

The bill was seeking to address the chaotic nature in which women stormed funerals to claim a share of wealth when a man dies.

This used to shock the legitimate wife and her kids, bringing unnecessary embarrassments and bitter fights in families.

It is unfair for anyone to be left out when sharing the wealth of their husband and children. This is an area in the law that had a lot of gaps and gray areas.

Women have been frustrating men when they divorce. They used to threaten men with child upkeep whenever a separation ensues.

Men gave up their salaries to pay bills for their children and women used to enjoy those benefits thanks to the fact they always give the custody of those kids to mothers.

According to the bill that is now law, men and women have equal responsibility in giving child upkeep.

Women will no longer black mail men with child social protection litigants.

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Only legal wives and husbands will inherit the properties of their dead partners. This law is a big win to men who have been for a longtime tormented by women over child upkeep.

Wives of deceased men also benefit because side chicks claim a stake of their wealth when they die.

Below, I summarize the law;

1. Both parents have equal responsibilities of bringing up children after separation, 50/50 basis.

2. Men will automatically inherit their wife’s estate without first proving to court they were dependants before the death of their wives.

3. Secret lovers and slay queens will have no legal rights to storm a funeral and demand involvement. ONLY legal Wife and his children have rights to bury the Man.

4. Ex Wife, Secret lover have no right to inherit of the man’s estate upon death.

5. We have only reserved procreation rights for those with income, both women and Men. To have a child, each partner should be able to provide 50% upkeep of the child.

6. A child isn’t proof of marriage. For anyone to be considered a wife, you must have a marriage certificate.

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