Beware: The New Trick Police Officers Are Using To Con Kenyans

Police officers are integral to the security of our nation.

They play an important role in protecting the lives and properties of Kenyans.

Police officers are also used to maintain law and order in any country in the universe.

However, because of some challenges these uniformed officers face, they indulge themselves in illegal activities.

Some of those activities include corruption, robbery with violence, extrajudicial killings and even kidnapping.

The police department for long a longtime has been facing accusations of leading in corruption activities.

Even though some of them have faced prosecution in a court of law for engaging in crime, most of them go unpunished.

Most Kenyans have perfected the art of fraud, especially in Nairobi. Many young men and women don’t want to work hard.

They want shortcuts in life, and that is why everyone is defrauding each other in the guise of offering services or goods that are non-existent.

Humanity has lost meaning, and people are behaving like animals. They don’t care if their actions will hurt others so long as they make money.

Rogue police officers have devised a new way of conning Kenyans in Nairobi.

They are colluding with Boda Boda riders to defraud unsuspecting Kenyans who board those riders.

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Here is a sad story narrated by a person whose friend police officers conned in Nairobi;

A friend of mine has a son at MKU university. On Wednesday, his son went to Ngara to shop for clothes.

Upon finishing, he was to go back to town. He took a bodaboda.

The rider gave him a package to hold. On reaching Globe roundabout, plainclothes cops stopped them.

The rider stopped and ran off, but they caught him. They asked the boy what he was carrying. He said the package belonged to the rider.

The rider, of course, denied this. On opening it, it turned out to be bhang.

His efforts to say it wasn’t his package fell on deaf ears. They took him to Central Police Station, but not booked.

They forced him to call his parents for 100k to be released. The boy called the parents, and they raised the cash.

They forced the boy to withdraw the money on his phone through a Mpesa shop.Throughout, the cops never used their phones.

Once he had done the withdrawal, they released him, and guess what? He saw the cops walking away with the rider to rob off another innocent person.

Some cops came to him.They had seen the boy and felt sorry. They told him they set him up. Let’s talk to our boys to be careful.

Even we ourselves should be cautious when taking bodabodas.”

Never accept to hold any package for the boda boda rider carrying you.

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