Beware: How Thugs Are Using The Naivasha Event To Lure And Kidnap Young Girls

If there is an event that has been hyped this weekend, then it is the Safari Rally Championship that kicked off today. The World Rally Championship has returned to Africa for the first time since 2002. Kenya is lucky to be the one hosting the prestigious event.

It is something to be proud of as a country as it is a milestone for Kenya in the continental picture. But what are some of the added values of the event to the country?

The event which is organized by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) is being broadcast across the globe. It’s estimated that the 2021 edition will have almost 12,500 broadcast hours in over 160 TV markets by about 70 broadcasters reaching almost 0.8 Billion TV audiences globally.

Besides the mainstream media, it’s expected that the various online videos will reach an all-time high of over 1 Billion views while online impressions will be slightly in excess of 1.5 Billion.

Thousands of Kenyans have flocked the popular tourist town of Naivasha which is hosting the sporting event that is set to pump an estimated KES 10 billion to the ailing Kenyan economy.

Such a massive function will not miss sideshows. Some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of the same and they have been stealing contacts from popular Whatsapp groups and contacting unsuspecting girls and luring them with ‘escort deals’.

A lady calling herself Jackie (maybe not her real name) has been contacting different girls and promising them between KES 30-60K if they accompanied some rich men to the Naivasha event.

One of her potential victims contacted blogger Edgar Obare and exposed Whatsapp screenshots of their conversation as she tried to convince her to attend the event at a fee. Apparently, the said lady is a con. She is part of a ring that steals phone numbers from Whatsapp groups.

Once they successfully lure a target, they drug them and then text all the victim’s contacts asking for money. Have a look at the screenshots below obtained from Edgar Obare’s IG stories;

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