Bevalyne Kwamboka: Smartly Dressed Ku Student Making A Killing Selling Chips

Bevalyne Kwamboka is a Kenyatta University Education student.

She rose to popularity and became the buzz of the town after her hustling of chips business went viral on Twitter.

Her post on Twitter attracting a lot of attention from social media users, mostly Kenyans.

She was complaining about the constant rains that were ruining her hustle.

She wowed Kenyans with her dress code and her choice of business.

Millicent Omanga’s attempt to gain clout through helping her with branded umbrellas got her more traction.

Even though Millicent got back all her stuff after the cameras had gone off, everybody in Nairobi knows her business.

Many people wonder how a slay queen indulges herself in a business that requires one to brave the smoke and dirt.

Bevalyne Kwamboka has finally spoken out about her chips-making business revealing the amount of money she invested.

Her profit margins are mind-boggling. Bevalyne claims she started the firm with about Ksh 1200.


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She says that she started her business with four 20-kilogram potato containers.

In a single day, Bevalyne Kwamboka estimates she gets between 150 and 300 customers.

She admits, however, that she can earn more money on weekends, stating that Sundays her best days for business.

Bevalyne claims that her company pays well and that she may make a profit of up to Sh4000 in a single day.

Her biggest issue, she explains, is when it rains because she works in an open location.

She says that another problem she has is when some people, particularly drunkards, harass her and even order chips but do not pay.

Kwamboka is now challenging young people to create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for the government to do it.


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