Barren Woman Arrested For Faking Pregnancy To Sneak Into KNH Maternity To Steal A Baby

Being barren is emotionally draining because of societal pressure to bear children.

What most people don’t understand is that a woman only has a 20% chance of conceiving in every monthly cycle.

So getting pregnant is difficult. People blame the woman when a couple cannot sire children.

This should not be the case because even men get infertile because of several medical factors that need to be sorted.

Because of this desire to complete the family by siring kids, people get desperate and resort to stealing babies.

On Friday, September 24, security detained a barren lady who pretended to be pregnant .

She sought to enter the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) maternity section.

Elizabeth Musembi attempted to get entrance to the maternity wing before security authorities apprehended her .

They arrested her on suspicion of attempting to abduct a baby.

Musembi revealed to the media that she was yearning to have a baby after years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive.

“A pregnant woman contacted me and said she would carry her child to term, deliver it, and give it to me”.

“However, when her due date approached, she vanished”.

She defended herself, saying, “My goal in traveling to KNH was not to take a baby, but to look for a baby that the mother had abandoned.”

OCPD Kilimani Musembi would have abducted a baby, according to Andrew Muturi, if the security officials hadn’t raised an alarm.


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“We’re going to take her for some medical testing, and then we’ll determine out what crime to charge her with,” Muturi explained.

Musembi is being held at the Kilimani Police Station pending her arraignment on Monday..

According to a report released in 2019 by Kenya’s National Crime and Research Center, they record about 30 incidents of missing children every day.

They leave families torn between wondering if their loved ones are alive or dead.

African society’s strong regard for children fosters the predominance.

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