Bahati Yake: Married Man Narrates How He Escaped Killer Cop, Caroline Kangogo’s Death Trap

If there is a person feared by all men in Kenya right now, then it is Corporal Caroline Chemutai Kangogo who is still at large after killing two men in quick succession.

The 34-year-old mother of two shot and killed police constable John Ogweno in Nakuru. Two days later, she managed to lure and kill Peter Njiru in a lodging located in Juja.

New details emerging as investigations are going on reveal that John and Peter are not the only people she intended to send to their maker. Another married man who lives in Nakuru has told the investigating officers how he seemingly escaped death by a whisker.

The man in question had met the fugitive police officer at Nakuru Law Courts where he had gone to attend a case against him. It was a driving under the influence (DUI) case and he was hoping to get a more lenient sentence.

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“The two exchanged contacts as Caroline promised to advise him on how to go about the case for a more favourable outcome,” said one of the investigating officers that did not want to be named.

Caroline and the guy became friends and later drinking buddies. Investigating officers got to know the man from her call logs. It is believed that he is the person she called immediately after killing John Ogweno.

“We had to call the guy in so that he could tell us why she called him and what they discussed,” continued the unnamed investigating officer.

Apparently, they had a few drinks together on the fateful day at a Pub called White House along the Nakuru-Nyahururu highway. After they had had enough, Kangogo convinced him that they go to her home. They had stayed for about 20 minutes when John Ogweno walked in on them and he was not happy.

He then left John with Caroline and went home to his family. After some time, she called him again and tried to lure him to go back to her place, of which he refused with the excuse that his wife may not allow it. That is how he saved his life.

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