Badi Muhsin Dies under Unclear Circumstances

Veteran KBC Swahili news anchor and presenter Badi Muhsin is dead. Social media is awash with condolence messages after Kenyans learnt of his untimely demise earlier today.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) re-launched their television services this year and Badi was one of the presenters that were recalled. He is very popular because of his eloquence and charming personality.

Circumstances of the legend’s death are not clear. A relative by the name Nassor narrated the 67-year-old’s last moments alive. Badi Muhsin had attended his Friday prayers in Mombasa. He then had lunch and returned to his house.

It looks like he felt unwell after that. This is because he called one of his close friends and complained of feeling sickly. The friend suggested they check him into a health facility. But the old man declined saying that he would be fine.

He then went to have a rest in his bedroom. That is the last time his family members spotted him alive. By the time his friend came to check on him, he was already dead.

He was a staunch Muslim

Badi was a staunch Muslim throughout his life. He was born in Kitui County to a Muslim family. He was the firstborn in his family. They were eight siblings.


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In the year 2011, Badi Muhsin received the Order of the Grand Warrior (OGW) Award from former President Mwai Kibaki. The former president appreciated him for his exemplary service in the media industry.

During his prime years, he worked closely with Edward Kadilo and Leonard Mambo Mbotela. Those are the legends that made KBC worth watching during prime time news.

Badi’s death is an enormous blow to the national broadcaster, KBC TV, which had reinvented itself amid stiff competition from private media houses.

Our condolences go to his family and close friends.

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