Azziad Nasenya Roasted for Calling Kenya a ‘Ghetto’

Popular social media star Azziad Nasenya has been out of the country over the past few days. The beautiful 21-year-old influencer has become a household name.

She shot to fame when she did the ‘Utawezana Challenge’ on Tiktok.  This is a song that was done by Mejja and Femi One. Azziad Nasenya’s video went viral and her social media accounts grew exponentially.

The young lady now boasts a whopping 1.4 million followers on Instagram. She also has 1.6 million followers on Tiktok. Her videos attract a lot of viewership because her content is extremely good.

Azziad has won herself many decent brand ambassadorial deals. Something exceptional happened recently in her career. E! Entertainment TV has nominated her to People’s Choice Awards.

Her category is African Social Star. It is the same category that Elsa Majimbo won last year. Many celebrities are rooting for her to win including Janet Mbugua and Vera Sidika.

When she landed in Kenya from abroad some hours ago, she made a remark that some people found distasteful. After having lots of fun in Europe, she said that she is now back to the ghetto.


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“This is my last connection flight, and the ghetto awaits. I am finally back in Kenya, I am back to the ghetto,” remarked Azziad Nasenya as her ‘family received her.’

According to Wikipedia, many people use the term ‘ghetto’ as an adjective to denote something that is shabby or of inferior quality. That is why many Kenyans did not take it well when Edgar Obare posted the short video on his IG account.

“Akitoa make up yeye ndio the actual definition of ghetto (if she removes make up she’s the actual definition of ghetto)😂😂😂,” remarked one Big Rex.

But people should not take it personal because that is a term she enjoys using. She mostly lives in Nairobi. When she occasionally goes for vacations in the Coast, she normally says she’s going back to the ghetto while referring to Nairobi.

Let’s just say it is a joke that is now becoming stale. Referring to one’s country as ghetto is not cool at all.

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