Autopsy Results For Philomena Njeri Throws Her Case Into Confusion After These Appalling Details

Philomena Njeri was killed by her husband Jonathan Mukundi in their home in Kiambu. The two were found dead in their matrimonial bedroom with gunshot wounds and had locked themselves from inside. It is suspected that Jonathan shot her 4 times while she was asleep before turning the gun on him.

The motive of his heinous act has not been established but it is suspected that Jonathan was impotent and he never discloses it to his wife of 10 years. He had anger issues and they used to fight a lot over the matter.

People close to them say that Philomena was cheating on him with his domestic worker and he even got her pregnant something that Jonathan was not able to do for over a decade. Her decision to get pregnant with another man was the one that broke the camel’s back that led to her death.

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The government pathologist, Doctor Johansen Odour yesterday conducted the autopsy on her body and found out she was shot four times and she was surprisingly not pregnant as it was first thought. This means that Jonathan acted out of rumors and never took his time to know the truth before killing his dear wife.

Another explanation could be that people close to them might be speculating that the cause of their death is anything to do with pregnancy and infidelity. It could be due to other issues only known to the deceased which might be money and business because we are all aware Jonathan and his wife were prominent business people dealing with spare parts.

The findings from the postmortem throw the case into confusion and now sends the detectives into square one. They need to thoroughly investigate afresh what could have killed the two. This might be a case of homicide and it was executed in a way to look like Mukundi killed his wife before committing suicide by shooting himself.

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