All TSC Teachers to pay KES 2500 for this Mandatory Training

All TSC teachers to pay KES 2500 – The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has directed teachers to pay KES 2,500 for a mandatory ICT training. The commission has also asked its secretariat and Grade 8 learners to enroll in the same training by paying a similar amount.

The Kenya National Digital Master Plan

This is in the spirit of the Kenya National Digital Master Plan of 2022–2032. The 10-year Master Plan is meant to enhance digital literacy among the Kenyan citizenry.

According to a circular that TSC released on March 26, 2024, the government had developed an ICT curriculum made of short courses. The program will cost KES 2,500 per person and it will be self-sponsored.

The Ministry of ICT developed the curriculum

The TSC secular has explained that the Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy developed the curriculum. The Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy has divided the curriculum into foundation, basic, intermediate, and advanced digital literacy skills.

It is the ministry’s wish that the training will make a majority of Kenyans more digitally literate because all government services are now online. Navigating through the E-Citizen platform to access different services requires one to have sound digital skills.

The ICT Ministry’s target

The ICT ministry is targeting more than 20 million Kenyans to go through the program to acquire the necessary digital skills. Some of the services that are now purely online include applications for passports, digital driving licenses, transfers of motor vehicles, and new generation number plates for motor vehicles (the reflective number plates), just to mention a few.

A majority of Kenyans depend on cyber cafés to access online services for them. They then end up spending a lot of money on top of what the government charges. That is what the ICT ministry is trying to discourage.

How to register for the training

TSC has asked all teachers, the TSC secretariat, and the Grade 8 learners to embrace the mandatory ICT training for their own good. It has urged all of them to register through the link: After the training, the government will issue the teachers and TSC staff with certificates.

The teachers will use the certificates in future promotion interviews. TSC, through its leadership, has asked regional, county and sub-county directors to disseminate the important information to schools under their jurisdictions.


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