Alcohol,Drugs And Women: The Fall Of Magix Enga

Magix Enga, a talented music producer, has fallen off the cliff, and he is now struggling with debt, alcohol and drugs.

According to Clemmo of calif records, Magix Enga is struggling to get back to the limelight.

He is completely off the track, and nobody knows where he is.

The once proud and talented producer is no longer trusted by any musician to produce their music .

This is because of his pride and conman tendencies.

When he was on top of his game, he used to look down upon many birding artists.

He spent his money on alcohol, women and drugs.His current state is so devastating and heartbreaking.,

A section Kenyans recently saw him around bare-footed, seems disoriented and deep in his thought.

Magix Enga has accused his top clients like Otile Brown and Arrow boy for neglecting during his time of need.

We, however, attribute this to his attitude when he was swimming in cash.

Erick Omondi Spends A night In The Cell

In other news, Erick Omondi spent his night in the city police cell for trying to force his way into parliament.

His bouncers accompanied the comedian, carrying placards with a coherent message on the cost of living.

Kenya is facing the worst economic crisis, with high levels of inflation, and draught.

Banditry is also a huge problem the government is struggling to contain.

The government is trying to solve the crisis, but most Kenyans feel that they are not doing enough to cushion them.

It is in this respect Erick felt necessary to remind parliament that all is not well in this county from an economic sense.

He, however, meets the full force of the police who mishandle him and forcefully locked him up in the cell.

They will open a case against him like they usually do.

This is meant to scare away any Kenyan who is thinking of demonstrating against the government.

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