Ahero: Desperate Woman Sleeps With a Male Corpse To Get Pregnant

Ahero town is in Kisumu county. Most Kenyans know Ahero town thanks to the irrigation scheme that grows rice.

Ahero town boasts of a subcounty hospital facility that takes care of health needs of residents there.

According to several reports doing rounds online, a woman called Adhiambo took matters into her own hands after failing to conceive.

Despite contacting various doctors and healers recommended by friends and family, Adhiambo could not have a child.

According to the woman, her inability to conceive had been weighing heavily on her for years.

This condition exacerbated by in-laws who were pressuring her husband to divorce her.

“These folks used to gaze at me with accusatory eyes, as if I had committed an unforgivable sin.

My neighbors were calling me all kinds of names, and my husband was under pressure to marry another woman.

Medical reports cleared my spouse, but I was ‘indicted’ for having obstructed reproductive tubes.

Medics, healers, and pastors from Ahero town and elsewhere tried everything they could, but there was no success, “Adhiambo stated.

A famous adage states dire situations need desperate decisions.

Adhiambo went to a sorcerer, who told her she was on a curse and could only have a child if she slept with a dead man for cleaning.

Yes, this was awkward and followed the same storyline as the well-known ‘Oga movies.’

“After some deliberation, I bravely gave it a shot.

I went to Ahero and hired a morgue attendant who took care of everything for me and i followed the wizard’s instructions.

To be honest, it’s the worst experience I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through it, “she said, fighting back tears.

Even after the ordeal, Adhiambo claims things stayed the same for six months.

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There had been no pregnancy. She realized it was all a ruse, and the herbalist had duped her.

“I gave up totally and surrendered everything to God’s mercy.

One of my neighbors suggested I visit herbalist Wema Kamaliza, whom she described as a legitimate herbalist who had helped thousands of needy people in the region.

She even offered me his contact information… but honestly, after the prior horror in the morgue, I was hesitant to take any action;

I was not prepared to go through such a horrific encounter again, “she stated.

“Let me try one more time, I told myself. By this point, I was seriously considering suicide.

I contacted the herbalist, and we set up a meeting.

After listening to my concerns, the herbalist prescribed herbal medicine for me to consume for four months, “she stated.

Something took aback Adhiambo when she discovered she had pregnant only three months after taking the medicine woman’s suggested doses.

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