After What Caroline Kangogo Did, Here Is How To Know You Are Dealing With A Serial Killer

After Onyancha’s serial killing trailer, Caroline Kangogo a police officer has hit the headlines when she killed two men in quick succession. Both individuals are targeting their opposite genders and one wonders if there is anything to do with mental and emotional breakdown.

During this economic time in an ongoing pandemic, most people have lost their jobs, their businesses, and their loved ones. That is why the government has introduced mental health as a key aspect in dealing with this pandemic.
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After what Caroline Kangogo did everyone needs to be spot and realize they are dealing with a potential serial killer for their safety because serial killers are people we hang out with every day.
Here are ways to spot a serial killer;
1.They are very intelligent
Serial killers have a very high IQ that helps them to create complex cons and Evade the police for a very long time. They are always one step ahead of the detectives

  1. They can’t keep a job
    Serial killers don’t seem to be able to keep jobs because they are obsessed in planning on how to kill their targets without leaving a trace hence they tend to miss work days leading to being sacked.
    Their mind is always focused on things outside their jobs.
  2. Troubled family history
    Many serial killers come from families that have got mental, psychiatric, criminal, substance abuse and alcoholism issues.
    Their families have broken up because of those issues and their childhood is something sort of a nightmare that they don’t want to remember. So they want to fix those memories in the best way they deem they can
  3. A Manipulator
    They have a unique way of manipulating their victims. They get into their minds and manage to convince them to carry out his orders.
    Serial killers have control over their victims. They pretend to be helping their victims but end up killing them.

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