Aden Duale In Trouble For Calling Catholic Church A Cult

Garissa town member of parliament and former majority leader and head of government business in parliament has caused an uproar among Christians mainly Catholics for calling them a cult live on TV.

The politician was on Jeff Koinange live with ODM chairman John Mbadi. They were discussing various political happenings in the country in a debate moderated by Jeff Koinange.

Aden Duale is a close ally of the deputy president and explained to Citizen TV viewers why he ditched ODM for URP. In his explanation, the seasoned politician likened ODM to the Catholic church where the followers are blindly following the church doctrines without questioning anything.

Dual without butting his eyes called ODM and the Catholic Church a cult. This has irked the Christians for calling the catholic church a cult.

In simple terms, a cult is a social group or congregation that is defined by its unusual and strange religious, spiritual, philosophical, and cultural beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal. This sense of the term is controversial, having divergent definitions both in popular culture and academia, and has also been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study.

It might have been innocent due to the heat of the moment to outshine John Mbadi in order to please his boss William Ruto but such sensitive sentiments might cause religious hate and war.

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Our leaders should be careful when they are doing their politics because they can easily weep the emotions of their followers. We are all aware that Aden is a staunch Muslim and that is why belittling another denomination was quite unfortunate.

Given his political status as a senior politician and leader in this country, he should come out clearly and apologize for making those claims that were rather reckless.

Religious politics is a subject nobody wants to delve into and we hope Jeff Koinange will be able to make sure his visitors to his show have some decorum.

Watch the video below;

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