A Relative to Samidoh’s Real Wife Spills the Beans about What He Does to Her (SAD)

Popular Mugithi musician Samuel Muchoki, better known by his stage name Samidoh has been trending on social media platforms for the better part of today. This is because his baby mama and side girlfriend Karen Nyamu exposed him badly.

Karen, who is the Director Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company took to her IG account to tell her fans how the “Ndiri mutwe mwega’ hit maker gave her a dog’s beating.

She went further to say that the soft spoken cop was beating her because he thought she was with another man at the Coast. He openly cheats on his wife Edith Nderitu but he does not want to be cheated on.

The mother of two said that her trip to the Coast was with her colleagues. Samidoh would hear none of those explanations. He beat the high court advocate in front of her 4-year-old daughter. It was traumatizing experience.

It seems like he has a habit of beating women and he has no respect for them. An IG user who claims to be a distant niece to Samidoh’s real wife Edith wrote a message to blogger Edgar Obare earlier today and divulged some shocking things.

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According to the anonymous IG user, the guy has been beating Edith even in the presence of their children.

“There was a time Edith moved out after the Karen saga started. My mum went to visit her. The daughter was telling my mum how Samidoh was beating their mother in front of them. The daughter now hates him because of that,” wrote the anonymous informant.

It has been difficult for Edith to run away from the troubled marriage because Samidoh threatens her. He normally tells her that he will always find her no matter where she hides.

When she left him the first time, he had to come with elders who were able to persuade her to go back to her matrimonial home. That is when he decided to buy her a car.

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