A Polygamous Luo Man Does This For His 2 Wives Causing Envy Among Kenyans


A polygamous Luo man has gone viral after constructing two similar mansions for his two wives. After posting the photo on Facebook, he received appreciation from his friends and family.

The residences are lovely, and they share a driveway. The compound is still under construction, so it is unquestionably a work in progress.

Hez Jakomollo is a lawyer by profession and the current Managing Partner of Bon and Drew Associates, a Kisumu-based law practice. He seemed to do rather well financially.

a polygamous luo man

When he posted a picture of his current project on Facebook, one of his pals, Bernard Mua, commented, “Are these two homes in one compound or is it a home with two main houses?” “I don’t get it.”

“I am proudly a polygamous Luo man,” Hez said in response. Under my forefathers.”
The guy has clearly set the bar too high for most polygamous Kenyans. Polygamy was widely allowed in African Traditional Societies, but it declined as Christianity spread. However, the Kenyan Luo group continues to do it.

Here are some of Hez Jakomollo’s friends’ reactions to his noble initiative that screams polygamy goals:

“Wow!” wrote Alalah Odwuor Signore. This is incredible; I was present on the day you removed Ligala, and it is inspiring.”

“You need to build an underground private tunnel,” Nick Odhiambo stated. Congratulations for your outstanding achievement!”

“Haki ya nani mzungu lied that polygamy was evil,” Jefferson Ngozi said. This is incredible.”

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