A Banking Firm To Pay 143k To People Willing To Watch 13 Scariest Movies

Banking firm to pay people to watch 13 scariest movies

A Banking firm is giving KSh 143k ($1,300) to anyone prepared to sit through some of the world’s scariest films.

According to CNN, the banking firm called Finance buzz is investigating whether the magnitude of a film’s budget affects its audience appeal.

The company is recruiting a horror movie heart rate analyst andĀ Fitbit will monitor a person’s heart beat as he watches the films.

This is just in time for October, which is known for being a spooky month with Halloween and other events, making it the ideal time for their research.

Finance buzz wants to know if people are more afraid of high-budget films than low-budget films, or if it’s just a question of good writing.

In terms of the films, even the names of some of them would make any terrified person shudder.

They are:

1:Get Out

2: Halloween (2018),

3: Saw

4:A Quiet place

5: Insidious

6:Amityville Horror,

7:A Quiet Place part 2

8: The Purge

9: Candyman

10: The Blair Witch Project



13:Paranormal activity

Between October 9 and October 18, those that are successful in selection will be view the aforementioned flicks.

The company will provide the analyst a Fitbit tracker, as well as the award money and an additional KSh 5.5k to cover movie expenses.

To apply, one must fill out a form and explain why they believe they are the best candidate for the job.


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