Pastor Gets A Beating After Trying This Trick On A Lady

A pastor found himself on the wrong side of his congregants when he attempted to perform a non-existent miracle on one particular woman who was in attendance of his sermon. He was trying to perform a miracle through his powerful prayer which was supposed to make the crowd fall to the ground and act like they have been possessed by the devil by rolling on the ground and performing funny gestures but the lady in question was not ready to have any of that.

The pastor suspecting potential embarrassment decided to wrestle the woman to the ground by giving her hard slaps but what he got in return left everyone in stitches. She thoroughly gave the pastor and his men a dog’s beating sending a clear message that she doesn’t Condon that nonsense from the so-called men of God.

Pastors have previously been accused of coaching unscrupulous members of their church to act in a certain scripted manner when they pretend to perform imaginary miracles on them. The main objective here is to convince gullible members that he is a very powerful man of God that can be able to do anything including raising the dead.

This is the worst form of theft and these people are running a criminal gang of defrauding people emotionally so that they force them to submission because of the desperate situations they find themselves in like for example when one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness like cancer or barrenness and being jobless.

Africans don’t seem to learn from past experiences, they keep going to these fake people who call themselves the men of God. Pastor Kanyari was exposed for conning people by coaching his gang to pretend and act as if they have been saved from their bondage, the same happened to pastor Nganga who was seen wrestling women to the ground because she had refused to fall to give an impression of his might and power in prayer but people keep going back to this men.

We have seen a man sell diesel for his gullible followers to drink in Malawi and the latest scandal is that of Prophet Natasha.

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