60 Million Kamiti Reward: Government Bows To Pressure Agrees To Pay Kitui Man

60 Million Kamiti Reward: Government Bows To Pressure Agrees To Pay Kitui Man

The government has agreed to pay the Ksh 60 million reward to persons who assisted in the re-arrest Kamiti criminals.

This is after they bowed to pressure from Kenyans, who compelled them to keep their promise.

On Sunday, November 21, Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso verified the individual would receive the entire money.

He warned, however, they will carry proper verification to determine who provided the information.

This information led to the arrest of the three men on their way to Somalia.

“The administration accepts that the suspect’s re-arrest was possible with the help of the general people.

They have realigned claims of multiple people who claim to have played a role in the capture of the convicts..

“The government plans to follow through on its promise to pay the financial prize.

This, however, will be subject to a thorough verification process to guarantee that they give the incentive to deserving individuals.

Shioso also stated that they will not release the names of the eventual beneficiariess in order to safeguard their privacy and safety.

“The potential of harm to benefeciaries may militate against a full public disclosure of the eventual winners of the financial prize.”

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Several people have already come forward to the press, claiming to have led police to the location of the three convicted terrorists.

Musharraf Abdalla, Joseph Juma, and Mohammad Abdi were apprehended by police personnel and residents of the Endau district.

This is in Mwingi, Kitui County as they attempted to flee to the neighboring country of Somalia.

Paul Mwaniki led villagers and police officials to the trio’s capture.

The DCI offered a Ksh 60 million cash prize for information leading to the arrest of the three escadrille operators.

“Anyone with information that leads to the capture of the following three terror suspects will get a reward of Ksh 60 million.

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