4 Reasons You Should Start Having A Cold Shower

Matters’ health is so fundamental that every person who wishes to live longer needs to pay attention to it. Healthy living is a key to national and personal development because it will reduce the time you are out of work because of a doctor’s appointment or the resources used to treat a disease can be utilized for economic purposes.
So every aspect of health should be considered equally be it exercise, mental status, personal and environmental hygiene as well as nutritional aspects if one is to be considered to be healthy.
So what are the health benefits of having a cold shower?

  1. Reduces Overall stress levels
    Cold showers increase beta-endorphin and noradrenaline, leading to an overall feeling of contentment and satisfaction thus reducing your blood cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone and it is very vital in the fight-or-flight situations that are activated when you’re feeling intense acute stress. That is why when cortisol levels are too high; there are a host of potential health consequences, including hypertension (aka high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes, and general fatigue.
  2. It Improves your Overall Mood
    Cold showers keep you alert and refreshed. When you feel fresh and energized, your concentration levels are high and that feeling of exhaustion and boredom is reduced. This helps you to enjoy more the activities you are engaged in and that helps to boost your overall mood.
  3. It improves your overall sleep
    Body temperature is a key factor that contributes to both your sleep latency and your sleep quality. Generally, people tend to sleep better when they are not overheated. When you bring down your body temperature by means of a cold shower or any other means helps you to fall asleep faster and stay like that for longer periods. Studies have shown that people sleep better when they did things that made them feel cooler and more comfortable before going to bed.
  4. Speeds up your metabolism and help to reduce weight
    Being overweight is a health problem that needs to be sorted faster before it predisposes you to heart-related conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Exercise and healthy feeding is the most prescribed way to reduce weight but most people don’t know that a cold shower can help to shed off some weight. Cold showers help to speed up metabolism, which means that your body is more readily able to burn calories and if you have a slow metabolism, your body stores these additional calories as fat
    Studies have shown that cold temperatures can change fatty cells into brown fat, which helps to trigger the speedy burning of calories.

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