2 Gatundu Women Share Their Regrets After Bumping Into Uhuru In The Village

It is not easy to get a chance to interact with the president of Kenya given his busy schedule and security detail. Many Kenyans have always dreamt of meeting the head of state so that they can tell him their problems because they are aware if the president gets to hear them, he will surely solve them.

President Uhuru Kenyatta loves his walk and space to reflect and relax away from his busy schedule. He has been seen on a few occasions whether driving himself in the city, walking down the statehouse road, or having a walk down the streets of Nairobi in the middle of the night with his brother Raila Odinga.

Being anonymous and spontaneous has caught many Kenyans off guard and unprepared. That is why they get a thought block when they bump into him. The excitement of meeting him overshadows their need to ask for help.

Popular actor and musician Pascal Tokodi was once a victim of thought block when he bumped into the president having a walk along Statehouse road without his security detail. The actor only asked him to watch his show called Selina on Maisha Magic instead of asking for help from him. Kenyans made Pascal a laughing stock but looking at it critically, Pascal did well to ask him to check out his show.

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Few months after that incident, two women who were fetching firewood in Gakoe village Gatundu North bumped into the head of state standing at the gate of China power project in Karaminu river. At first, they did not recognize him and they even warned him that he might be arrested by the Chinese for trespass.

They however recognized him when his facemask accidentally fell. Filled with joy and excitement, they shook his hand but they were not able to ask him for help. They have now come out to share their disappointment for spanning a lifetime chance to get out of poverty.

Eunice Wanjiru and Esther Nyambura have sent out a message to the president to help them saying that the excitement of having a conversation with him made them forget their problems.

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