“Happy Birthday Honey”, Betty Kyalo’s Sweet Message To Her New Catch Leaves Her Haters With Envy

Betty Kyalo is one of the most popular celebrities in Kenya, especially on social media. The former TV news anchor has learned to deal with unforgiving cyberbullies who drive their joy and cure their inadequacies by abusing others.

She is a strong woman with a heart of a lion and being in the limelight means that she is always under the microscope. Her private life is closely monitored by her fans and haters in equal measure.

It is not easy to keep your life under the wraps for women like Betty and that is why she has struggled to keep a man of her choice. Being a celebrity means you go for the finest things in life ranging from clothes, houses, cars, and partners.

That kind of pressure forces you into choosing the wrong partner to keep up with the expectations of your fans. Betty has dated different men since filing for divorce from Dennis Okari and none of them has worked out for her.

The beautiful business lady is now dating a popular Nairobi advocate whose style and grace are every woman’s dream. The guy has the looks and the brains coupled with lots of chums to spoil her played the magic on a woman that every man wants a piece of.

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Nick Ndeda is a member of the beard gang which is the new craze for women in Nairobi. He is the only man that Betty Kyalo has publicly posted on her social media accounts and wished him a happy birthday something that she has never done before.

This proves that she really loves him given how she hid the relationship with the flamboyant Mombasa governor and the Somali Nairobi politician who she dated for a few months before dumping him.

“To A King @nick_ndeda Happy Birthday Honey. You are Brilliant, Kind, Selfless, Loving, God Fearing, Responsible but yet Lots of Fun, you see everything beautiful in me and You simply bring out the little girl in me! I thank God For You. Blessings to you. You’re the G.O.A.T. Let’s celebrate this most Genius Advocate and Man”, She wrote.

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